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Overview of Harmoney

Harmoney, a fintech company based in MH, India, is recognized for its innovative approach in providing comprehensive software solutions to broker-dealers, OBPP, wealth management firms, and mutual funds. The company is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch and serves regions including India and South Asia. With a dedicated team of 25 professionals, Harmoney offers a range of specialized features designed to enhance connectivity, transparency, and efficiency in the bond markets.

Software Solutions for Financial Services

Harmoney delivers specialized software solutions tailored for broker-dealers, OBPP, wealth management firms, and mutual funds. The software is designed to provide real-time access to bond markets, ensuring wider connectivity and transparency. Key features include trade execution, inventory management, order processing, and seamless integration with back office systems. The platform is also integrated with exchanges and portfolio management software, offering end-to-end solutions for its users.

Real-Time Bond Market Access

Harmoney enhances the trading experience by providing real-time access to bond markets. This feature ensures transparency and allows users to connect more widely with the market. The platform also gives access to consolidated bond and market data with high accuracy and comprehensive coverage. Traders and dealers benefit from real-time execution and inventory management capabilities to better manage their portfolios and trading strategies.

Comprehensive Data Management and Reporting

One of Harmoney's key strengths lies in its data management and reporting capabilities. The software supports dealer inventory management, the maintenance of holding information, and the creation of saved filters and watchlists for instruments. Users can report trades in ICCL or NSCCL with automated calculations and generate deal sheets. The system enables record keeping of historical trades and deal sheets with downloadable outputs, ensuring reliable and accessible data management.

Multi-User Access with Role-Based Control

Harmoney's software supports multi-user logins with role-based access control (RBAC). This flexibility allows different users, such as admins, dealers, sales personnel, and operations staff, to access the platform according to their roles. Additional features include automated notifications via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and desktop for quotes, trades, and orders. This setup ensures that all relevant parties are informed and can interact with the system efficiently and securely.

Extensive Security and Instrument Search Capabilities

Harmoney makes searching for specific securities straightforward by providing access to data for over 30,000 securities. The software allows users to create filters and watchlists, boosting their ability to monitor and act on changes in the market. Additionally, the platform's robust security measures ensure that all user interactions, data entries, and communications are secure, enhancing overall trust and reliability in the system.

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