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GoJom operates in multiple locations within Peru, specifically in Lima, Callao Region, and Lima Province. The company also extends its operations across Latin America, including countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama.

Team Size

GoJom's team consists of 140 members who collaborate to advance the company’s real estate and construction services. The team operates partly remotely and is spread across various locations in Peru and other Latin American regions.

Industry and Sub-Industry

GoJom functions within the real estate and construction industry, providing specialized services in property searches, investment opportunities, and rental options. It focuses on utilizing advanced technologies to enhance the user experience in the real estate market.

Y Combinator

GoJom was selected by Y Combinator as part of the W22 batch, showcasing its potential and innovation in the real estate sector. This affiliation with a major startup accelerator highlights GoJom's commitment to growth and development.

Technological Features and Platform

GoJom offers a robust platform for filtering, comparing, and classifying properties using advanced artificial intelligence. Key features include market real value appraisals, property revaluation estimates over five years, monthly rental return predictions, and personalized mortgage installment calculations. The platform analyzes millions of properties daily, providing valuable insights and enabling informed investment decisions.

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