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Trung Nguyen, CEO since 2021, collaborates with GIMO to enhance his employees' financial wellness through educational workshops.


Trung Nguyen is the CEO of a company that prioritizes a people-centric culture. As the CEO, Nguyen is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees feel valued and respected. He places a high emphasis on employee well-being and actively seeks out programs and initiatives to address the needs and concerns of his workforce.

TRUNG NGUYEN Financial Wellness Program

Trung Nguyen identified a need within his workforce for better financial wellness support. To address the financial struggles faced by his employees, Nguyen sought out solutions and programs that could alleviate these challenges. His goal was to implement a comprehensive financial wellness program that could provide tangible benefits and support to his staff.

TRUNG NGUYEN Collaboration with GIMO

Since 2021, Trung Nguyen has collaborated with GIMO to enhance the financial well-being of his employees. This partnership was established to introduce and integrate GIMO's financial wellness solutions into the company's benefits program. Nguyen worked closely with GIMO to roll out these initiatives, ensuring that they were effectively communicated and accessible to all employees.

TRUNG NGUYEN Employee Workshops

Trung Nguyen organized a series of workshops in collaboration with GIMO to ensure that all employees had a clear understanding of the new financial welfare program. These workshops were designed to educate employees on the benefits and usage of the program, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to improve their financial situations. Nguyen's proactive approach ensured that employees were well-informed and could fully utilize the resources available to them.

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