Quan Nguyen

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Quan Nguyen - Co-founder and CEO

Quan Nguyen holds the position of Co-founder and CEO. In this role, Quan is responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and operations of the company. His leadership focuses on growth, innovation, and driving the company's mission forward. Quan's role as CEO involves managing executive teams, making high-level corporate decisions, and representing the company in various capacities.

Quan Nguyen's $1.9 Million Seed Extension Round

In 2021, Quan Nguyen successfully secured a US$1.9 million Seed extension round. This funding round aimed to support the company's growth and development goals. Securing this investment highlights Quan's ability to attract significant financial backing and further establishes his credibility as a business leader capable of driving fundraising efforts.

Quan Nguyen Raising Debt Capital

Quan Nguyen is currently in the process of raising debt capital. This financial strategy aims to secure additional funding to support the company's ongoing and future projects. Raising debt capital is a strategic move to fund operations without diluting ownership. Quan's involvement in this process underscores his proactive approach to financial management and his commitment to the company's financial health.

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