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Duong Tran, HR Manager at Mobicast, focuses on enhancing employee engagement and welfare through continuous exploration of new methods.

Duong Tran - HR Manager

Duong Tran serves as the HR Manager at Mobicast. In this role, Tran focuses on enhancing employee engagement and welfare. Tran's efforts are guided by a belief in the necessity of continuously exploring new methods to improve the workplace environment for employees.

Role at Mobicast

As a member of the Board of Directors at Mobicast, Duong Tran emphasizes the importance of advancing employee engagement and welfare. Tran engages in initiatives aimed at exploring innovative ways to enhance the well-being of employees, contributing to a positive and productive work atmosphere.

Employee Feedback and Program Development

Initially, Duong Tran found it challenging to evaluate the benefits of newly implemented programs aimed at improving employee welfare. However, Tran has been positively influenced by the feedback from employees, who have reported significant utility and benefit from these initiatives. This feedback has further convinced Tran of the program's effectiveness.

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