Gauss offers a variety of services focused on consumer finance. Users can manage credit card payments and debt payoff plans through Gauss's mobile app. The company provides a credit builder product without requiring credit checks and with affordable monthly payments under $5. Gauss also features an AI-powered personal assistant for personalized financial advice, a credit card payoff calculator, and an investment platform allowing users to auto-invest into diversified ETFs from their credit card bills. Additionally, Gauss offers a revolving credit line that users can access in under 10 minutes.


Gauss's product lineup includes a credit line with APRs ranging from 14% to 18%, which can be more advantageous compared to typical credit card APRs. The mobile app helps users manage their finances, track and automatically pay off expensive credit card balances, and ultimately, improve their credit scores. The credit builder product with low monthly payments aims to help users build credit without requiring credit checks. Gauss also features a reward system where points can be redeemed to pay for services, reduce APRs, increase credit limits, and access premium products.

Locations and Remote Operations

Gauss operates out of New York, NY, USA, but also offers remote services. The flexibility of remote operations allows Gauss to serve a broad customer base across the United States, America/Canada, and other regions. The company's remote-friendly nature means that users can access Gauss's services and mobile app functionalities from virtually anywhere, providing a high level of convenience and accessibility.


Gauss was launched in March 2022 and is an early-stage fintech company. It was part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. Originally known as 'Placid Money' and 'Gauss Money,' the company has developed a suite of financial products aimed at improving credit management and financial wellness for its users. Gauss has quickly positioned itself in the fintech industry, specifically within consumer finance, focusing on innovative solutions for credit management and debt reduction.

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