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Morten Byskov is the Data Protection Officer and Product Owner at GamerPay, known for his extensive involvement in trading over 1,000 skins and playing semi-pro CS in the Oldboys league.

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Morten Byskov serves as the Data Protection Officer and Product Owner at GamerPay, where he also handles inquiries related to data protection. In his role, he has authored numerous articles for the GamerPay blog, including detailed discussions on cybersecurity topics such as recovering hacked Steam accounts and preventing iCloud hacks. He has also written about the nuances between API and phishing scams. Morten’s expertise extends into the gaming world, where he has reviewed items like the Specialist Gloves Fade and has provided insights into Counter-Strike 2’s major updates. His contributions to the GamerPay Times, with editions in both January and February 2024, highlight his active engagement in both the gaming community and in his professional field. Additionally, Morten is an active player in the Oldboys league, playing semi-professional Counter-Strike, and has traded over 1,000 skins over the past few years, demonstrating his deep connection to the gaming community.

About GamerPay

GamerPay, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a fintech marketplace in the consumer gaming industry, facilitating secure trading of gaming skins and assets while ensuring compliance with parental consent laws.

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