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About Martin Gessner

Martin Gessner is the founder of GamerPay and a Social Media Manager, known for creating a secure marketplace for trading virtual gaming items.

Known information

Martin Gessner, holding the title of Social Media Manager, is notably recognized for founding GamerPay, a company dedicated to providing a safe trading platform for virtual items and assets in the gaming community. Prior to this, he managed the largest Counter-Strike community in Northern Europe, a Facebook group with over 80,000 members. Gessner’s engagement with this community exposed him to daily reports from gamers who had been scammed, losing money or valuable gaming skins. With a solid background in building transactional marketplaces, he conducted extensive research by speaking with more than 5,000 gamers across Europe, discovering that nearly half had experienced scams, many of whom were minors. This insight led him to establish GamerPay, aiming to mitigate such risks in the virtual trading space. Additionally, he infuses his role as the company’s social media manager with crisp German humor, enhancing the brand’s engagement and appeal.

About GamerPay

GamerPay, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a fintech marketplace in the consumer gaming industry, facilitating secure trading of gaming skins and assets while ensuring compliance with parental consent laws.

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Martin Lykke is the co-founder of GamerPay and previously co-founded Denmark's largest transactional marketplace. He also owned the largest Counter-Strike community in Northern Europe.

Mathias Hermansen is an experienced marketplace professional currently employed at GamerPay, with previous roles at Trendsales and eBay.

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