Iev Strygul

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About Iev Strygul

Iev Strygul is the Lead Backend Developer at GamerPay, specializing in coding and infrastructure.

Known information

Iev Strygul serves as the Lead Backend Developer at GamerPay, where he plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity of the platform. His expertise in coding and infrastructure ensures that GamerPay remains functional and efficient, handling the backend processes that are essential for the smooth running of the service.

About GamerPay

GamerPay, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a fintech marketplace in the consumer gaming industry, facilitating secure trading of gaming skins and assets while ensuring compliance with parental consent laws.

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Martin Lykke is the co-founder of GamerPay and previously co-founded Denmark's largest transactional marketplace. He also owned the largest Counter-Strike community in Northern Europe.

Peter Haldbæk

Lead Front-end Developer @ GamerPay

Peter Haldbæk is a Lead Front-end Developer and a father of three, known for his significant involvement in gaming alongside his children.

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