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Float Health provides on-demand home infusion nursing services to specialty pharmacies. The company’s platform facilitates the sending of home infusion therapy patient referrals for nursing services. Patients receiving treatment through Float Health can expect exceptional care throughout their therapy process. Additionally, Float Health offers in-person healthcare services such as medication administration, medication management, and educational resources. They also provide resources and tools to independent nurses to assist in delivering quality care to patients.

Industry and Sub-industry

Float Health operates within the healthcare industry, specifically focusing on healthcare services. The company specializes in providing home infusion nursing services to patients with chronic conditions such as immune problems, gout, arthritis, chronic migraines, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, and blood disorders. This sub-industry targets a niche market, ensuring patients receive necessary medical treatments within the comfort of their home.


Float Health is based in Carlsbad, California, but also operates remotely. The company's services are available throughout the United States, and it has the capacity to provide fully remote services. This allows Float Health to reach a wide geographical area, maintaining flexibility and accessibility for both patients and healthcare providers.

Y-Combinator W22 Batch

Float Health was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. Y-Combinator is a prominent startup accelerator that provides seed funding, advice, and connections to startup businesses to help them grow and succeed. Being part of this batch indicates that Float Health has received foundational support and validation from one of the leading incubators in the startup ecosystem.

Nursing Expertise and Compensation

Float Health secures highly qualified nurses to ensure patients receive necessary treatments. Nurses in the Float Health network bring hospital expertise to home settings and are experienced with biologics, biosimilars, chemotherapy, and routine medications. They are also skilled in clinical teaching and technical aspects. Nurses get paid based on each assignment, with hourly rates varying depending on factors like the pharmacy, medication, and location. In California, visits pay between $70-$105 per hour. Top nurses can potentially earn over $100,000 annually through Float Health.

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