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Fleetzero, formerly known simply as ‘fleetzero’, is a company situated in Houston, Texas, with additional remote operations. The company, which employs a team of 15, operates within the industrials sector, specifically focusing on the development of battery-electric cargo ships. These ships are designed to operate with five times higher net margins compared to traditional fossil fuel-powered ships, presenting a sustainable alternative in the shipping industry. Fleetzero’s innovative approach is seen as a crucial pathway to decarbonize the $1.3 trillion shipping industry without incurring a green premium. As a participant in the Y Combinator W22 batch, Fleetzero has garnered attention and support from notable investors and partners such as BEV, McKinley Capital, MCJ, Flexport, and Y Combinator itself. The company has also been featured in prominent media outlets including Fast Company, CleanTechnica, and TechCrunch. In addition to shipbuilding, Fleetzero offers retrofit services for energy storage, enhancing the sustainability of existing vessels. Remarkably, a single voyage of a Fleetzero ship can prevent as much CO2 emissions as planting 92,577 trees and allowing them to grow for ten years, underlining the company’s significant environmental impact.

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