Blake Hitchcock

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About Blake Hitchcock

Blake Hitchcock is a Technical Advisor known for his active presence on GitHub under the username 'rbhitchcock' and his professional profile on LinkedIn.

Known information

Blake Hitchcock serves as a Technical Advisor, contributing his expertise to various projects and initiatives. He maintains a GitHub account with the username ‘rbhitchcock’, where he engages with the coding community and shares his technical projects. Additionally, Blake has a professional presence on LinkedIn, accessible at ‘’, where he connects with other professionals and highlights his career achievements and skills in the tech industry.

About Firezone

Firezone, based in Mountain View, CA, is a Y-Combinator-backed company offering an open-source platform for secure remote access management, providing a scalable alternative to traditional VPNs.

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Trisha is a Senior Systems Engineer known for her contributions on GitHub under the username 'ReactorScram'.

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