Allan Backhouse

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About Allan Backhouse

Allan Backhouse is a Business Operations Manager who has publicly endorsed FinFlx for its financial solutions that facilitate easier management of gratuities and savings.

Known information

Allan Backhouse serves as a Business Operations Manager and has been recognized for his testimonial in support of FinFlx, a company providing financial solutions. In his testimonial, Backhouse highlighted the significant role of FinFlx in offering services that enable more cost-effective management of gratuities and savings, accompanied by favorable interest rates. He praised the company for empowering its users to better plan and manage their financial futures, underscoring the practical benefits and enhanced control over personal financial planning that FinFlx facilitates.

About FinFlx

FinFlx is a fintech company based in Dubai, offering a range of financial services including a gratuity management tool, a 5% interest savings account, and certified financial courses.

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