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Fieldproxy, formerly known as Fieldproxy (Snippt Media Private Limited), is a B2B company located in Chennai, TN, India, with a team of 15 employees. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Fieldproxy has developed a reputation in the productivity sub-industry within South Asia and India. The company specializes in AI-powered Field Service Management (FSM) software, providing a no-code platform that allows businesses to create internal mobile applications tailored to manage field teams efficiently. Fieldproxy offers a range of products including Serviceproxy, Salesproxy, Facilityproxy, and Finproxy, each designed to meet specific team needs. Key features of their offerings include workflow automation, route optimization, live location tracking, work order management, and financial service operation handling. Fieldproxy serves a diverse range of industries such as HVAC, solar energy, ISPs and telecommunications, and more. The company also provides comprehensive solutions for work order management, AI-powered route optimization, and other field service needs. Additionally, Fieldproxy supports its clients with free tools, case studies, eBooks, and a podcast named FieldRadio. It also allows integration with existing office solutions and ERPs to ensure seamless operations. Trusted by over 100,000 field service technicians across more than 150 countries, Fieldproxy continues to expand its influence in the field service management sector.

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