Suraj Govind

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About Suraj Govind

Suraj Govind is an engineer known for his passion for coding and developing user interfaces, as well as his appreciation for the integration of code with product design at Fello.

Known information

Suraj Govind is an engineer who has been featured in a testimonial on his company’s website, where he expresses his enthusiasm for shipping code and building both features and user interfaces. He describes his experience at Fello, highlighting the web environment as an ‘ideal marriage of code and a killer product.’ This indicates his deep appreciation for the seamless integration of technical coding with impactful product development, showcasing his commitment to creating engaging and effective digital solutions.

About Fello

Fello, a fintech company based in Bengaluru, India, offers a game-based savings and investment app primarily for Gen-Z and young millennials, featuring rewards and educational tools.

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