Manish Maryada

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Manish Maryada is the Founder & CEO who integrates gaming with finance to enhance financial literacy among India's youth, fostering a flexible and dynamic work culture.

Manish Maryada Founder & CEO

Manish Maryada is the Founder and CEO of his company. His leadership style focuses on making finance engaging and enjoyable through gaming. Manish is dedicated to crafting better financial profiles for the youth of India.

Manish Maryada Work Culture

Manish Maryada promotes a work culture where everyone is a captain of their own ship. He encourages open communication and the free exchange of ideas among team members. The work environment is flexible, allowing employees to choose their own work hours. The atmosphere is characterized by a smart and fun team spirit, brimming with Gen-Z and millennial energy.

Manish Maryada Employee Benefits

Manish Maryada ensures that employees receive a range of benefits aimed at enhancing their work-life balance. These perks include monthly subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Spotify, comprehensive medical plans for employees and their families, and access to the best books and courses for continuous learning.

Manish Maryada Leave Policy

The leave policy established by Manish Maryada is designed to ensure that team members never feel disconnected from each other. This approach helps maintain team cohesion and morale, while allowing employees to take necessary breaks without the concern of losing touch with their colleagues.

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