Marketing @ Fello

Akash is a marketing professional at Fello, known for its flexible work policies and strong focus on team retention and skill development.

Akash Marketing Career at Fello

Akash is a part of the marketing team at Fello. Fello's marketing team is characterized by an environment where each member is seen as a captain of the ship. This structure emphasizes the value of individual contribution and encourages a sense of leadership among the marketing professionals.

Flexibility in Akash's Work Environment

Akash enjoys a flexible working environment at Fello, where team members have the liberty to choose their own work hours and location. This flexible approach ensures a work-life balance and fosters a productive and comfortable working atmosphere.

Company Benefits for Akash at Fello

As part of the benefits at Fello, Akash receives subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Spotify. Additionally, Fello provides a comprehensive medical plan for self and family, ensuring health and well-being are cared for. The team also enjoys a structured leave policy designed to retain its members.

Skill Development Opportunities for Akash

Fello supports Akash's professional growth by providing access to various resources for skill development. This includes books and courses aimed at enhancing knowledge and expertise in marketing and related fields.

Incentives and Perks

Akash benefits from unique perks at Fello, such as receiving unlimited finance tips and puns from the founders. Additionally, the company incentivizes successful referrals with the opportunity to earn gadgets, which adds an exciting dimension to the professional environment.

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