Farooq Tirmizi

CEO @ Elphinstone, Inc.

Farooq Tirmizi is the CEO of Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd, a subsidiary of Elphinstone, Inc., focusing on partnering with leading asset management companies to offer optimal funds across various asset classes.

Farooq Tirmizi - CEO

Farooq Tirmizi is the CEO of Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd, a reputable securities advisor licensed by the Securities and Exchanges Commission of Pakistan. In this role, he leads the company in its mission to provide exceptional investment advisory services. His leadership is essential to ensuring that the company aligns with its core values and objectives.

Partnerships with Leading Asset Management Companies

Farooq Tirmizi carefully selects asset management companies that offer top-notch funds in each asset class. Under his direction, Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd provides clients with funds managed by esteemed companies such as UBL Fund Managers and MCB-Arif Habib. This strategic partnership structure is designed to deliver optimal returns and highly reliable investment options to the clientele.

Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd Licensed by SECP

Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd operates as a licensed Securities Advisor under the oversight of the Securities and Exchanges Commission of Pakistan. This licensing ensures that the company adheres to the strict regulatory standards required for providing secure and trustworthy financial advice and services to its clients.

Elphinstone Pakistan - A Subsidiary of Elphinstone, Inc.

Elphinstone Pakistan Ltd is a subsidiary of Elphinstone, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This affiliation provides a robust foundation, connecting the company's local expertise with global standards in investment advisory services. Farooq Tirmizi's leadership integrates these strengths, enhancing the company's credibility and operational effectiveness.

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