Marina Pavlovic Rivas

Co-founder & CEO @ Eli Health

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Co-founder & CEO

Marina Pavlovic Rivas is the Co-founder and CEO of Eli, an innovative company dedicated to developing a non-hormonal, non-invasive form of contraception. She leads the company with a focus on empowerment and provides vital information to people about reproductive health. Marina's vision for Eli stems from her commitment to creating accessible, effective solutions in women's health.

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Education and Expertise

Marina Pavlovic Rivas holds a Masters in Data Science, complementing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Her educational background is marked by a unique blend of data science and communications, which she effectively integrates into her work in women's health. This combination allows her to approach complex problems with a data-driven mindset while effectively communicating solutions.

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Founding Eli

Marina Pavlovic Rivas founded Eli with a mission to create a non-hormonal, non-invasive form of contraception. This venture represents her dedication to improving women's health through innovative technology. After her previous venture, which developed machine learning solutions, was acquired, Marina leveraged her experience to launch Eli and address significant gaps in contraceptive options.

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Background and Previous Ventures

Marina Pavlovic Rivas has a diverse background that merges data science, women’s health, and media. Before founding Eli, she developed machine learning solutions for various organizations through her previous venture. This company was subsequently acquired, demonstrating the effectiveness and market appreciation of her solutions. Marina's experience spans across different industries, providing a rich foundation for her work at Eli.

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Community Building

Marina Pavlovic Rivas has successfully created a community of over a thousand female data scientists. This initiative underscores her commitment to empowering women in tech and data science. By fostering this community, Marina encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship among female data scientists, contributing positively to the professional landscape.

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