Joseph Berni

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Joseph Berni Analytics Engineer

Joseph Berni holds the position of Analytics Engineer, specializing in the development and deployment of data analytics solutions. His role involves not only the handling of large data sets but also the optimization of data workflows, ensuring that analytics operations run smoothly and efficiently. As an Analytics Engineer, Joseph focuses on enhancing data access and analysis capabilities within the organization.

Joseph Berni at Gousto

Joseph Berni has professional experience working at Gousto, a well-known meal-kit company. During his tenure, he contributed to the organization by enabling advancements in data analytics. His responsibilities likely involved data engineering, improving data pipelines, and enabling better access to actionable insights for different business units.

Joseph Berni and dbt Self-Serve Capabilities

At Gousto, Joseph Berni implemented alerts for analysts using dbt (data build tool) self-serve capabilities. This initiative significantly improved resolution times by enabling quicker issue detection and response. dbt is a tool that enables data analysts and engineers to transform data in their warehouse more effectively, and Joseph's work ensured that these analysts could utilize the tool more efficiently.

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