Company History

EchoLayer, formerly known as Codex and later CODEOWNERS, is a B2B company specializing in engineering, product, and design. The company operates from San Francisco, CA, USA, and Canada. It was part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch. These name changes and milestones reflect its evolving focus and growing expertise in the B2B sector.

Service Offerings

EchoLayer offers AI-powered attribution to help security and engineering teams identify the most suitable personnel to resolve vulnerabilities. The platform provides API-first attribution management, allowing for updates and responsibility management from anywhere through an API call. It integrates seamlessly with GitHub Teams, assigning teams to the correct domains within codebases and synchronizes ownership changes across different tools in the engineering stack.

Technology and Integration

EchoLayer uses AI technology to analyze the entire history of a codebase in seconds, breaking down large or old codebases into domains to identify which teams or engineers have the most context. It offers login options via GitHub or GitLab, with a responsive design for its login page, ensuring compatibility with various device sizes and featuring graphical elements.

Compliance and Security

EchoLayer is SOC2 Compliant, ensuring adherence to high standards of security and privacy. This compliance demonstrates the company's commitment to maintaining robust security practices and protecting user data.

Geographical Reach

EchoLayer operates in the United States of America and Canada and offers both remote and partly remote work options. This geographical flexibility allows the company to tap into a diverse talent pool and provide services across North America.

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