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Company Overview

digiventures is a fintech company headquartered in Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina. With a team size of 30, the company operates in the fintech industry and is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. digiventures focuses on providing solutions across Argentina, Latin America, and remotely. They specialize in employing the latest market trends and forming strategic alliances with leading software companies to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

Products and Services

digiventures offers a web-responsive, mobile-first, and customizable omnichannel platform for managing customer onboarding. Their platform includes modules for biometric identity validation to reduce fraud, real-time tracking of customer conversion and behavior, and a no-code solution that automates the origination of financial products. The company also provides integrations with credit bureaus, tax info, civil registries, and anti-money laundering prevention systems, supporting both digital and physical channels for customer acquisition.

Client Solutions

digiventures provides solutions that help financial institutions in Latin America digitize their loan origination and account opening processes. Their SaaS platform serves over 30 clients, including 7 banks across 9 countries, and features a specialized CRM for managing customer requests. Clients benefit from a 2x to 7x increase in sales and a 50% reduction in acquisition costs. The platform supports digital loans, customer and member onboarding, credit and debit card issuance, electronic signatures, and more.

Technological Integration

The digiventures platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing APIs for scoring and digital files, enhancing its flexibility and ease of implementation. It includes features such as Open Finance, automated origination flows, identity document loading and validation, biometric validation, bureau consultations, and more. The company offers continuous support from experts for implementation and growth, acting as a technological partner to its clients.

Target Market

digiventures serves a diverse range of institutions including credit cooperatives, municipal and rural savings banks, non-banking financial companies, fintechs, and stock brokerage firms. Their platform is built to support digital and physical channels, catering to both traditional institutions and modern fintech companies. With a focus on customer-centered design, digiventures aims to reduce friction in the onboarding process and maximize conversion rates for their clients.

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