Decent, a New York City-based company, operates within the B2B infrastructure sector. As part of the W22 Y-Combinator batch, Decent provides multi-chain NFT infrastructure solutions. The company caters primarily to the United States, Canada, and remote locations. With a team of 8 professionals, Decent focuses on simplifying the creation and transaction of NFTs.


Decent offers a range of products designed to streamline NFT creation and transactions. Key offerings include SDKs that abstract Solidity, enabling cross-chain transactions and Creator HQ, which allows creators to deploy, manage, and analyze their NFT collections without needing to write code. Another flagship product, The Box, facilitates 1-click checkout for purchasing any NFT with any token across both primary and secondary sales. Custom Minting Pages and template repositories are available for quick and easy deployment.

Supported Blockchain Chains

Decent supports several blockchain platforms to provide efficient and secure NFT transactions. These include Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. Layer 2 chains like Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon are also supported to offer cheaper transaction fees and faster confirmation times while maintaining the security of the Ethereum network. These options are particularly advantageous for users seeking cost-effective and swift transactions.

Transaction Fees

Decent charges specific fees for NFT transactions depending on the blockchain used. The fees include 0.00044 ETH on Arbitrum and Optimism, 0.00077 ETH on Ethereum, and 0.81 MATIC on Polygon. These fees apply to transactions that are not a direct mint or secondary purchase. The structured fee system allows users to understand the cost implications of their transactions clearly.


Decent is integrated with various platforms to enhance NFT distribution and analytics, including Daylight, Bonfire, Spinamp, Future Tape, and Ooh La La. These integrations support the seamless distribution and monitoring of music NFTs, providing creators with comprehensive tools to manage their NFT collections. These integrations reflect Decent's commitment to offering a robust and interconnected NFT ecosystem.

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Decent Employees

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