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Creizer, headquartered in Mexico City, operates within the fintech industry, specifically focusing on credit and lending for online sellers in Latin America. Established in February 2022, the company has quickly grown, showing a 65% month-over-month growth rate. Creizer is notable for its innovative risk assessment model, which evaluates creditworthiness based on the metrics of an online store rather than traditional financial indicators. This approach has helped their customers achieve up to sevenfold growth in less than a year. With a compact team of 12, Creizer was part of the prestigious Y Combinator’s W22 batch. The company supports a broad operational footprint, offering services both remotely and partly remotely across various regions in Mexico and Latin America. Additionally, Creizer engages with its community and clients through a blog that provides valuable resources and information, alongside a referral program to encourage customer growth and retention.

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