Popi Aprilia Ayusari

Sales Development Manager @ CrediBook arrow icon

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About Popi Aprilia Ayusari

Popi Aprilia Ayusari is a Sales Development Manager at CrediBook, known for her empathetic and selfless nature, and her commitment to teamwork and employee well-being.

Known information

Popi Aprilia Ayusari serves as the Sales Development Manager at CrediBook, where she recently received an unexpected and meaningful award. In her acceptance, she expressed deep gratitude and emphasized the significance of ownership in her role. She also expressed enthusiasm for future successes and the importance of solid internal collaboration within the company. Colleagues describe Popi as empathetic and selfless, often prioritizing the well-being of others and always ready to assist when necessary. Her approach not only enhances her team’s performance but also fosters a supportive work environment.

About CrediBook

CrediBook is a B2B company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, specializing in digitizing the MSMEs' supply chain through its platforms CrediBook, CrediMart, and CrediStore, offering services like online wholesale, bookkeeping, and logistic support.

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