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Company Overview

CrediBook is headquartered in Senayan City, Panin Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia and operates within the B2B retail sub-industry. The company focuses on digitizing the supply chain for MSMEs, providing solutions from wholesale to retail through its online platforms. The team consists of 53 members, working across regions including Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and remote locations. CrediBook's mission is to encourage digitalization among MSMEs by offering easy-to-use and efficient platforms.


CrediBook offers two primary services: an online wholesale platform named CrediMart and a bookkeeping app known as CrediBook. CrediMart focuses on efficient inventory-sourcing, providing online-ordering, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment methods, and logistic support. CrediBook enables MSMEs to generate financial reports in less than five minutes, speeding up the process for obtaining micro-loans from financial institutions. Overall, the services aim to streamline operations and provide financial benefits for their users.


CrediBook's main products include CrediMart and CrediBook. CrediMart is an online wholesale platform that helps MSMEs with inventory-sourcing, offering features such as online ordering and BNPL payment options. On the other hand, the CrediBook app serves as a bookkeeping tool, allowing users to generate quick financial reports, thus facilitating faster access to micro-loans. These products collectively support over 745,000 registered users and 330,000 growing businesses.

Industry Reach

CrediBook operates in more than 30 cities and is continuously expanding its reach. It serves MSMEs primarily in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, with options for remote and partly remote operations. The company’s platforms have been widely adopted, with a growing user base and extensive media coverage in outlets such as The Jakarta Post, Tech in Asia,,, and

Achievements and Features

CrediBook has been featured in several notable publications including The Jakarta Post, Tech in Asia,,, and The company is ISO certified, underscoring its commitment to quality and standardization. By leveraging its digital solutions, CrediBook has significantly benefited its users, with wholesale partners experiencing a 50% increase in their daily income and MSMEs gaining faster access to financial services.

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