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About Craniometrix

Craniometrix is an active healthcare company that focuses on consumer health and wellness, particularly in the Alzheimer's care sector. The company aims to build a comprehensive care platform that optimizes monitoring, management, and intervention processes for Alzheimer's patients. Craniometrix is part of the W22 batch of Y-Combinator and has successfully raised over $6 million in funding. The company's operational locations include New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA.

Locations and Operations

Craniometrix operates out of two primary locations in the United States: New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA. In addition to these offices, the company also offers remote and partly remote work options. Their services are available across multiple regions, including the United States and America/Canada. These varied locations and operational flexibilities enable Craniometrix to reach a broad target audience and attract a diverse range of talent.

Industry and Sub-Industry Focus

Craniometrix operates within the healthcare industry with a specialized focus on consumer health and wellness. They are carving out a niche in neurotechnology and health tech by developing a one-stop-shop care platform geared towards optimizing Alzheimer's care. By focusing on this sub-industry, Craniometrix addresses a critical need for advanced solutions in care monitoring, management, and intervention for Alzheimer's patients.

Team and Company Size

Craniometrix operates with a team size of 5 individuals, bringing together expertise in neurotechnology and health tech to develop pioneering solutions in Alzheimer's care. Despite being a small team, they have made significant strides, as evidenced by their successful fundraising and participation in Y-Combinator's W22 batch.

Funding and Investments

Craniometrix has raised over $6 million in funding, showcasing strong financial backing and investor confidence in their mission and solutions for Alzheimer's care. Their successful participation in the W22 Y-Combinator batch further emphasizes their potential and innovation in the healthcare industry.

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