Company Information, originally named Courtyard, operates from San Francisco, CA, with a fully remote team of 13 employees. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, has established itself in the fintech industry, specifically focusing on asset management. The company offers a unique service that allows users to submit their collectibles, such as trading cards, sneakers, and watches, for secure storage and digital trading. These items are stored in secured vaults, partnered with a leading global security company, and are transformed into 3D digital representations minted as NFTs on the blockchain.’s platform supports a community-driven approach by providing spaces for discussions and feedback sharing among users. It facilitates the trading of NFTs on Ethereum-compatible marketplaces and offers the option for users to redeem their physical assets by burning the NFTs. The redeemed items can be shipped to over 150 countries. Additionally, every graded card vaulted with is insured, securely stored at no cost, and always redeemable, allowing users the flexibility to either keep their vaulted items or sell them instantly to earn revenue shares.

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