Stan Golubchik

Chief Executive Officer @ ContraForce

Stan Golubchik is the CEO and Co-Founder of ContraForce, recognized for his efforts to democratize cybersecurity and his role in shaping Microsoft's Security Copilot product.

Stan Golubchik CEO

Stan Golubchik serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ContraForce. Under his leadership, ContraForce aims to democratize cybersecurity, specifically targeting companies with limited resources. Golubchik brings decades of expertise in cybersecurity to his role, guiding global growth strategies and forming strategic partnerships. His vision includes empowering Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and enterprise security teams through hyperautomation and Generative AI.

Background and Experience

Stan Golubchik has a strong background in cybersecurity, having previously worked at prominent companies such as McAfee and Armor Cloud Security. Additionally, he has experience at Microsoft, where he participated in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview. Golubchik’s extensive experience in the field has equipped him to lead ContraForce effectively, especially in shaping the relationship between humans and AI in cybersecurity.

ContraForce Founding and Mission

Stan Golubchik co-founded ContraForce with Ricardo Melendez (CTO) and Tracey Pretorius (Chief Strategy Officer). The company was founded with the mission to provide smaller companies with equal opportunities for cyber resilience. ContraForce's innovative approach focuses on hyperautomation and Generative AI to streamline and enhance cybersecurity measures, making sophisticated security solutions more accessible and manageable for businesses with limited resources.

Collaboration with Microsoft

Stan Golubchik works closely with Microsoft to influence the development of the Security Copilot product. This collaboration is part of his broader effort to empower security teams by integrating cutting-edge technologies. Golubchik's work in this area earned him recognition as a finalist in the Microsoft Security Excellence Awards for Security Software Innovator.

Future Plans and Initiatives

Stan Golubchik is passionate about defining the relationship between humans and AI. He plans to write a textbook that explores the similarities between business management and real-time video game strategy. His unique insights, combined with his extensive industry experience, aim to contribute to the evolving understanding of AI's role in business and cybersecurity.

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