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Company Overview

Cinder is a B2B company based in Washington, DC, that operates with a remote-first team across the US and UK/EU. The firm focuses on security solutions within the B2B sector and was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. Cinder offers a comprehensive platform that centralizes trust and safety operations, enabling informed decision-making for its clients.


Cinder provides a wide range of services designed to enhance trust and safety for its clients. These services include centralized operations management, automated decision-making processes, real-time data annotation, and model Quality Assurance (QA). Their platform integrates AI management with human operations and offers robust access management along with cloud-native solutions.

Platform Capabilities

Cinder's platform features capabilities to monitor incoming volumes in real-time, quickly deploy new policies, and update workstreams, which allows engineering teams to focus on product development. The platform supports breaking down complex decisions into smaller jobs using a calibrated points system. It also offers an API for Trust and Safety data to aid in building new detection models and innovate better interventions.

Industry Applications

Cinder serves industries that require advanced trust and safety solutions, including AI labs, marketplaces, and content platforms. The platform's functionalities are designed to manage cases and investigations, automate and scale moderation, and provide a flexible intelligence and investigation framework. These capabilities support structured workflows and permissions for strategic decision-making in case management.

Core Features

Core features of Cinder's platform include audit logs, in-depth usage analytics, centralized operations management, automated decision-making, real-time data annotation, and model QA. It integrates relevant data sources, centralizes decision making, and offers customizable workflows. The platform also supports unified investigations for a comprehensive view of platform data.

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