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Cinapse offers a simple app that facilitates the management of digital production documents and daily workflows in film and television production. This app is accessible on various platforms including Web, iOS, and Android. Cinapse positions itself as the Operating System of Hollywood, aiming to streamline productivity in the entertainment industry. The company caters to a B2B audience, specifically within the entertainment sector.


Cinapse operates within the B2B sector, focusing on productivity solutions for the entertainment industry. Their application is specially designed to enhance efficiency in film and television production. Given its position and unique offering, the company aligns itself with the sub-industries of SaaS, Entertainment, and Enterprise productivity.


Cinapse was launched on January 24, 2021. Since then, it has grown to accommodate a team of 10 people. The company is currently in the early stages of development and was a part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. Cinapse has positioned itself as a key player in streamlining workflows in the entertainment sector.


Cinapse is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA. In addition to its primary location, the company offers remote positions, supporting a distributed team structure. Cinapse provides its services across the United States of America and extends its reach to America and Canada. The company commits to offering fully remote services as well.


Cinapse's application is available across multiple platforms, including Web, iOS, and Android. This multi-platform availability ensures that users can access the tool from various devices, facilitating seamless management of production documents and workflows in the entertainment industry.

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