Cherry Recommends

Company Overview

Cherry Recommends, formerly known as Four2, is a B2B company founded in 2013. The company operates out of Singapore, Singapore, and Melbourne, VIC, Australia, with a team size of six people. Cherry Recommends aims to create a more connected ecosystem in the domain name aftermarket by partnering with owners of the most wanted domain names to facilitate high-value transactions.

AI Promotion Management Platform

Cherry Recommends is recognized as the only AI promotion management platform. It assists online stores in boosting revenue and increasing marketing ROI by delivering and tracking dynamic promotions. The use of AI technology allows for improved targeting of promotions to both new and existing customers in real-time, resulting in increased conversion rates by up to 51%.

Domain Name Transactions

Cherry Recommends partners with owners of high-value domain names to facilitate secure and efficient transactions. The company simplifies the transfer process with automated workflows and provides expert guidance throughout the buying or selling journey. They offer rapid payouts, secure transactions, and allow users to import their leads and process transactions for a 5% commission.

Advanced Domain Services

Cherry Recommends offers a variety of tools for managing, marketing, and monetizing domain name portfolios. These services include professional for-sale landing pages, custom marketplaces, portfolio management tools, and data-driven insights to support informed decision-making. The company also provides brokerage services, enabling access to expert brokers to negotiate the best deals and increase sales.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Cherry Recommends is committed to building trust and loyalty through transparency, professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. They offer excellent support throughout the buying and selling process and showcase domains with captivating presentations. Their goal is to simplify the selling process with an easy listing procedure and provide comprehensive guidance to buyers and sellers alike.

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