Mary Fleming

Chief Medical Officer @ Cayaba Care

Chief Medical Officer at Cayaba Care

Mary Fleming serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Cayaba Care, where she brings her expertise in maternal health to the forefront of the organization's mission. As a co-founder, she plays a critical role in shaping health policies and programs aimed at improving maternal health outcomes. Her background in obstetrics and gynecology lends critical medical insight into the company's initiatives.

Education and Medical Expertise

Mary Fleming holds both an MD and an MPH, equipping her with a robust foundation in medical science and public health. Her qualifications enable her to address complex health issues with a comprehensive perspective that incorporates clinical and community health approaches. Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, she has amassed significant experience in women's health.

Advocate for Health Equity in Maternal Health

Mary Fleming is an active advocate for health equity, especially in the realm of maternal health. She has consistently emphasized the need for equitable health practices and has spoken publicly about extending these considerations beyond clinical settings. Her advocacy includes addressing systemic inequalities that affect health outcomes for Black mothers.

Participant in Black Maternal Health Advocacy

Mary Fleming has participated in significant events like the Black Maternal Health Advocacy Summit, contributing her knowledge and expertise to discussions aimed at addressing the challenges faced by Black mothers. Her involvement underscores her commitment to advancing maternal health equity on both a community and policy level.

Initiatives to Address Maternal Health Challenges

Through her role at Cayaba Care and her public advocacy, Mary Fleming is actively involved in initiatives designed to tackle the maternal health challenges that disproportionately affect Black mothers. These initiatives aim to provide comprehensive support services and improve health outcomes, demonstrating her dedication to making a tangible impact in this critical area.

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