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Company History, formerly known simply as Castled, is a company based in Bengaluru, KA, India. It operates in the B2B space with a focus on engineering, product, and design. was part of the Y-Combinator's Winter 2022 (W22) batch. The company is relatively small in size, with a team of 8 members. It services regions including India, South Asia, and supports both remote and partly remote work environments.

Services offers a Customer Engagement Platform designed to leverage data that resides in customers' warehouses without storing the data itself. This platform provides features for creating customer segments and engaging them across various channels effectively. It allows businesses to build complex customer journeys and personalized engagement campaigns, driven by securely stored data in the customer’s warehouse. Additionally, it facilitates data-driven cross-channel orchestration.

Unique Features's warehouse-native approach provides several unique features. These include unparalleled data security, data consistency, cost-effectiveness, and unmatched time-to-value. The platform fixes common marketing tool limitations related to data quality issues, pipeline maintenance, and Customer-360 integration. Because it utilizes data directly from the customer’s warehouse, it ensures a high level of data fidelity and security while offering significant cost benefits.

Pricing Plans offers three distinct pricing plans: Starter, Standard, and Enterprise. The Starter package is priced at $500 per month and includes 2 team members along with unlimited messages. The Standard package, priced at $1000 per month, includes all the features of the Starter plan plus priority support and access for up to 10 team members. The Enterprise package includes everything in the Standard plan and offers additional features such as unlimited team members, white-glove onboarding, and a dedicated account manager, with pricing customized based on requirements.

Vision aims to enable marketers to make every engagement count without concerns about data volume-based pricing. The company's platform is designed to be intuitive and effective, ensuring that marketers can focus on creating meaningful customer interactions without data limitations or additional costs hindering their efforts.

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