Tonje Norheim

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About Tonje Norheim

Tonje Norheim serves as the Vice President of Business Development, collaborating with a seasoned team and engaging with a diverse advisory board.

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Tonje Norheim holds the position of Vice President of Business Development. In her role, she is part of a team that boasts over 200 years of combined experience, working alongside notable colleagues such as Haakon Brunell (CEO), Hans Arne Flåto (COO), and several others across various departments. Norheim plays a key role in business strategy and development, and actively engages with an advisory board that includes industry experts and professionals like Fredrik Thomassen (Superside) and Dr. Diego Maria Barbieri (Oslo Met). Her professional network and strategic insights significantly contribute to her company’s development and operational strategies.

About Carbon Crusher

Carbon Crusher, based in Oslo, Norway, innovates in the industrials and climate sector by using carbon binding lignin for road maintenance, enhancing road durability while achieving net carbon negativity.

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