Roxanne Varza

Director at Station F @ Café

Roxanne Varza is the Director of Station F, the world's largest startup campus.

Roxanne Varza Director at Station F

Roxanne Varza holds the position of Director at Station F. Station F is a renowned startup campus located in Paris, France, known for being the world's largest startup facility. As Director, Roxanne oversees the operations and strategic initiatives of the campus, which houses a diverse range of tech companies and startups. Her role includes facilitating partnerships, guiding entrepreneurs, and enhancing the ecosystem within Station F.

Roxanne Varza Professional Background

Roxanne Varza's professional background is rooted in the technology startup industry. In her capacity as Director of Station F, she brings extensive experience in supporting and nurturing startups. Prior to her current role, Roxanne has been involved in various tech-related initiatives and communities, contributing to the growth and development of the startup ecosystem in Europe.

Roxanne Varza Leadership at Station F

Under Roxanne Varza's leadership, Station F has grown to become a central hub for innovation in Europe. Roxanne's role involves coordinating incubators, accelerators, and corporate partners housed within the campus. She is responsible for creating an environment that fosters collaboration and growth among startups, providing them with the resources and network needed to succeed.

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