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Bifrost, previously recognized under names such as Hapi Finance, Mysterious.IO, and Mysterious, was located in San Francisco, CA, USA. The company, which operated with a small team of four members, was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. Bifrost focused on the B2B market, specifically catering to the engineering, product, and design sub-industries. The company developed an innovative AI solution that automatically transformed Figma designs into clean, type-safe React code. This technology allowed for the creation of entire component sets from Figma that could conditionally render and use default props directly from Figma designs. Additionally, Bifrost’s tool enabled the integration of new design changes into existing components, even after custom logic had been added by developers. Marketed as the only design-to-code tool favored by developers, Bifrost aimed to reduce engineering time by allowing engineers to concentrate on developing business-driving features while empowering designers to update screens without the complications of messy handoffs. Despite its promising technology, Bifrost’s status was marked as inactive, and it served regions including the United States of America and America/Canada.

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