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Beyond Aero is headquartered in Toulouse, Occitanie, France. The company also has an additional location at 18 Rue de l'Arcade, 75008 Paris, France. The firm operates in regions including France, Europe, and offers remote or partly remote working options.

Industry and Sub-Industry

Beyond Aero operates in the Industrials sector, specifically within the Aviation and Space sub-industry. The company's focus is on advancing electric aviation technology through hydrogen propulsion systems.

Y Combinator W22 Batch Participation

Beyond Aero participated in Y Combinator's W22 batch. Y Combinator is a well-known startup accelerator that provides seed funding and expert guidance to emerging companies.

Hydrogen Propulsion Technology

Beyond Aero is committed to making aviation electric by building the first electric business aircraft using hydrogen propulsion. The company aims to achieve a range of more than 800 nautical miles with this technology.

Product: Electric Business Aircraft 'One'

Beyond Aero offers a product named 'One,' which is described as the world's first electric business aircraft using hydrogen propulsion. This innovative product positions Beyond Aero at the forefront of sustainable aviation solutions.

Retrofit and Prototyping Initiatives

Beyond Aero engages in retrofit and prototyping activities. The company has completed an 85kW flying bench for retrofitting a 2-seater aircraft from G1 aviation, demonstrating their commitment to advancing electric aviation technology.

Data Room and HADES Software

Beyond Aero provides a Data Room for financial insights and uses the Hydrogen Aircraft Data Exploration Software (HADES) for strategic initiatives and market positioning. These tools assist in analyzing data and making informed decisions.

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