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Benson operates in the fintech industry, specifically within consumer finance. The company is based in Oakland, CA, USA, but also supports a fully remote team. Benson has a team size of 3 and was part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. The company primarily operates in the United States of America and Canada, as well as in remote capacities.


Benson offers services designed to help users invest in the stock market. The company's platform identifies the best stocks, advises users on optimal buying times, suggested investment amounts, and the right selling moments. Additionally, Benson provides users with handpicked stock selections and easy-to-understand stock insights. Every Monday at 9am PST, users receive three handpicked stocks. Users can create an account, connect their Robinhood account, and allow Benson to handle investment orders based on user preferences with prior approval.

Consumer Finance Solutions

Benson focuses on consumer finance solutions by simplifying the stock investment process. Users create an account and connect their Robinhood account to receive handpicked stock selections directly in the app. Benson executes orders based on user-set preferences and provides investment suggestions in an easy-to-comprehend format. This user-centric approach grants individuals control over investment amounts and frequency while ensuring they make informed decisions.

Data Protection and Privacy

Benson collects various types of personal information including registration and identification details, third-party credentials, technical and navigational data, and location information. The company shares personal information with trusted third parties for service-specific functions and complies with legal requirements for data disclosure. To protect against unauthorized access, Benson employs administrative, physical, and electronic safeguards. Users have the right to request access, rectification, or erasure of any personal information that Benson holds about them.

Regional Operations

Benson operates primarily in the United States of America and Canada, with a fully remote support option. The company's operations cater to users in these regions who seek reliable consumer finance solutions to enhance their investment strategies. Benson's remote capabilities ensure that individuals from various locations can leverage their services without geographical limitations.

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