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Bakool, previously named Radius, operates out of Jakarta, Indonesia, and employs a team of 30. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Bakool has established itself in the consumer industry by providing a group buying platform specifically for fresh produce. This platform is accessible via a mobile app available on the Google Play Store. Bakool’s innovative business model utilizes an agent network that enables the delivery of produce at prices lower than traditional retail. The company offers a low-risk partnership model that allows partners to earn significant profits without initial capital investment and operate flexibly from home. Bakool sources its high-quality products directly from farmers, aiming to stimulate economic growth in cities outside Jakarta through these partnerships. The company is committed to user privacy and employs third-party services to enhance its operations while ensuring the protection of user data. Bakool periodically updates its Privacy Policy and encourages user engagement through feedback and inquiries at their dedicated email address.

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