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Company Overview

Attack Capital, formerly known as Better Financial Corporation, is a specialized fintech company based in New York, NY, USA. With a team size of 5, the company operates in the asset management sub-industry. As a participant in Y-Combinator's W22 batch, Attack Capital focuses on providing retail investors with access to diversified portfolios of private companies. The company's primary mission is to index the private market for retail investors.

Investment Products

Attack Capital offers a family of exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed for investing in portfolios of private companies. The flagship ticker, YCTC, includes companies from Y-Combinator each valued over $150 million. Their products allow accredited investors to access the start-up asset class with a diversified and vetted group of seed-stage companies innovating in areas such as AI and climate tech. The investment opportunities come with a minimum investment requirement of $10k, and the firm charges a 20% carried interest on profits after returning the entire invested capital.


Attack Capital’s portfolio features over 316 companies valued at $150 million or more, including 90 companies worth over $1 billion. The aggregate value of the portfolio exceeds $600 billion. The portfolio comprises companies from recent Y Combinator batches, providing a diversified selection of start-ups from various industries. Attack Capital has co-invested with well-known early-stage venture firms such as Pioneer Fund, SV Angel, Soma Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, and Rebel Fund.

Unique Features

Attack Capital stands out with its 0% management fee policy, ensuring that the entire capital invested by clients goes directly into the funds, without deductions for fund filing and management charges. This approach minimizes investment costs for accredited investors. The company operates in regions across the United States, America/Canada, and offers both remote and partly remote investment services.

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