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About Rahul

Rahul is the co-founder of Atlas, a company designed to enhance customer support by focusing on customers rather than tickets.

Known information

Rahul, alongside Jon, co-founded Atlas after identifying the difficulties support agents encountered with context switching and accessing information across various tools. Prior to founding Atlas, Rahul held engineering and product roles at several startups. His vision for Atlas was to transform customer support from being seen merely as a cost center to becoming a catalyst for product innovation. This vision was realized by creating a tool that prioritizes customer interactions over mere ticket handling.

About Atlas

Atlas is a B2B operations company offering an integrated customer support tool with features like session replay and AI-accelerated productivity, targeted at industries such as SaaS and customer service. Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, the company serves clients across the USA and Canada, and also offers remote services.

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Whitney Jones is the Head of Operations who led a session on remote team management during the company's September 2023 offsite.


Co-founder @ Atlas

Jon is the co-founder of Atlas, a platform designed to centralize support functions and enhance agent response times by addressing the challenges of context switching and data silos in customer support.

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