Company Overview

Atlas is a company based in Singapore, operating within the B2B industry. The company offers integrated online ordering and POS solutions specifically designed for restaurants. With a team size of 11, Atlas is actively serving various regions including Singapore, Southeast Asia, remote, and partly remote areas. Atlas is also a participant in the Y-Combinator S21 batch.

Atlas Services

Atlas provides integrated online ordering and point-of-sale (POS) systems tailored to the needs of restaurants. This service enables restaurants to streamline their ordering processes and manage their sales more efficiently. The focus on providing a comprehensive POS system aims to improve operational efficiency and customer service for restaurant businesses.

Atlas Growth Fund

In collaboration with Choco Up, Atlas launched the Atlas Growth Fund, a $20 million initiative aimed at supporting restaurant businesses in managing cash flows and investing in growth. As part of this initiative, the first 100 restaurants are pre-approved to receive $10,000 each, providing immediate financial aid to help these businesses expand and innovate.

Industry Focus and Coverage

Atlas operates within the B2B industry with a sub-industry focus on providing technology solutions for restaurants. The company's services are geared towards businesses in Singapore and Southeast Asia, with flexible operations to accommodate remote and partly remote setups. This regional focus allows Atlas to cater specifically to the unique needs of restaurants within these areas.

Y-Combinator S21 Participation

Atlas is part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch, a prestigious startup accelerator program that supports innovative companies. Being a participant in this batch has provided Atlas with valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to enhance its business model and expand its market presence.

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Atlas Employees

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