Dr Jonathan Nebauer

CTO @ arkeus

Dr. Jonathan Nebauer is the CTO of Arkeus, specializing in AI-powered hardware for autonomous drones and aircraft, with a strong background in aerospace engineering and physics.

Dr Jonathan Nebauer's Title

Dr. Jonathan Nebauer serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Arkeus. In his role, he oversees the technological advancements and strategic initiatives related to autonomous software and hardware systems. As a co-founder, his expertise and vision have been pivotal in guiding the company's development of cutting-edge, AI-powered hardware solutions for autonomous drones and aircraft.

Dr Jonathan Nebauer's Education and Expertise

Dr. Jonathan Nebauer holds several degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics. His academic background provides a strong foundation for his work in autonomy, particularly in designing and integrating sophisticated software and hardware systems. His technical knowledge is crucial to developing innovative solutions that meet the high demands of modern aerospace technology.

Dr Jonathan Nebauer's Background in Autonomous Systems

Dr. Jonathan Nebauer has accrued 12 years of experience in the design and integration of autonomous software and hardware systems. His work focuses on the intersection of AI and aerospace engineering, making significant contributions to the field of autonomy for drones and aircraft. His technical acumen and hands-on experience enable him to lead complex projects that push the boundaries of what autonomous systems can achieve.

Dr Jonathan Nebauer's Role in Arkeus

Dr. Jonathan Nebauer co-founded Arkeus with the mission to overcome the limitations of existing equipment in the field of autonomy. He plays a critical role in the company's leadership team, which collectively holds over 40 years of experience in autonomy and optics. This extensive collective expertise underpins Arkeus's innovative solutions in the AI-powered hardware sector for autonomous drones and aircraft.

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