Michelle Curtis

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About Michelle Curtis

Michelle Curtis is a Labor & Delivery Nurse who advocates for cord blood banking, emphasizing its potential as a health insurance policy and highlighting the seamless collection process with Anja Health.

Known information

Michelle Curtis, a seasoned Labor & Delivery Nurse, has been featured on the Anja Health Podcast where she discussed the critical importance of cord blood banking. She views cord blood banking as an essential insurance policy for children’s health, capable of providing potentially life-saving treatments through stem cell studies. Curtis has personally experienced the benefits and regrets not using the service for her own son, who suffered a stroke at birth. She now strongly advocates for cord blood banking to every pregnant individual she encounters, stressing the supportive role stem cells can play not only for the child but also for relatives. Her firsthand experience with Anja Health’s kit was positive, noting the collection process was seamless.

About Anja Health

Anja Health, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides stem cell banking services for pregnant parents, focusing on affordability and efficiency with a significant online presence.

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