Kathryn Cross

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About Kathryn Cross

Kathryn Cross is the founder of Anja Health, recognized for making cord blood stem cell banking accessible and affordable, and has been featured in Forbes and TechCrunch.

Known information

Kathryn Cross founded Anja Health after her personal experience with her brother Andrew’s need for cord blood stem cells, which he was unable to find a match for. Her company has been highlighted in Forbes for its significant contributions to making cord blood stem cell banking more accessible and affordable to a broader audience. Additionally, Kathryn’s mission and personal story have been featured on TechCrunch. Anja Health is known for its innovative approach to cord blood banking, which has also been showcased on TikTok. The company operates a lab that is AABB-accredited and boasts over 40 years of experience in blood processing. Anja Health has garnered support from notable investors including Y Combinator and Alexis Ohanian’s venture firm Seven Seven Six.

About Anja Health

Anja Health, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides stem cell banking services for pregnant parents, focusing on affordability and efficiency with a significant online presence.

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