Annalee Reid

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Annalee Reid is a certified doula and midwife with expertise in transfusion medicine, immunology, and clinical chemistry, specializing in the benefits of cord blood banking.

Annalee Reid's Professional Title

Annalee Reid holds the title of Certified Doula and Midwife. With her certification, she provides experienced and knowledgeable support to expectant mothers during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. This role involves offering physical, emotional, and educational support to families, ensuring a positive birthing experience.

Annalee Reid's Background in Transfusion Medicine

Annalee Reid has a background in transfusion medicine, an area of healthcare concerned with the process of transferring blood or blood products from one person to another. This knowledge is crucial in ensuring safe and effective blood transfusions, which can be life-saving in numerous medical situations. Her experience in transfusion medicine enhances her ability to provide comprehensive care in her role as a doula and midwife.

Annalee Reid's Expertise in Immunology and Clinical Chemistry

Annalee Reid's expertise extends to the fields of immunology and clinical chemistry. Immunology deals with the immune system and its responses, while clinical chemistry focuses on the analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. Her understanding of these disciplines equips her with a robust scientific foundation that informs her practice, helping her to support maternal and child health with a strong knowledge base.

Annalee Reid on the Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Annalee Reid is knowledgeable about the many advantages of cord blood banking. She understands how the cells in cord blood can be utilized to support the health of the child or a relative. Cord blood, collected at birth, contains stem cells that can be used in treating various medical conditions, such as certain cancers and genetic disorders. Annalee's insights into this area highlight her commitment to exploring all avenues for enhancing family health.

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