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Alfie, previously known as MIST, operates from New York, NY, and specializes in healthcare services within the broader healthcare industry. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Alfie has developed a virtual medical program for weight loss that is based on research conducted by Cleveland Clinic and Harvard. This program claims to be twice as effective as standard prescription medication and five times more effective than habit change alone. Alfie’s program is available to adults who meet specific BMI criteria and is currently accessible in several states including DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY, FL, and TX. The company has secured funding from notable investors such as Goodwater Capital, Nina Capital, and Air Force Ventures, among others. Alfie’s comprehensive service includes full-stack telehealth, insurance and RCM billing, remote patient monitoring, and precision medicine analytics, all integrated into a platform called ObesityRx™️. This tool is designed to analyze a patient’s medical history and lab results to tailor weight loss treatments. Alfie charges $120 per month for customers not covered by insurance, with additional costs for prescription medications potentially covered by insurance. The company also offers refunds under specific conditions and accepts FSA/HSA cards. By partnering with clinics and hospitals, Alfie aims to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance revenue through its technology-driven solutions and expert staff.

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