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Aklimate Limited, headquartered in London, England, operates within the B2B sector, specifically targeting supply chain and logistics industries. The company, consisting of a small team of three, offers enterprises tools to track and reduce emissions throughout their supply chains. These tools are provided in exchange for emissions data from suppliers. Aklimate participated in the Y Combinator W22 batch and delivers its services through a web application, which requires users to log in with a username and password. The company collects personal data such as names, business names, and business emails for access to its carbon emissions measurement application. It also automatically gathers information like IP addresses and browser details for security and analytics. Aklimate uses cookies for enhancing website functionality and user experience, while employing robust security measures like SSL, TLS, and firewalls to protect user data. The company commits to not sharing personal information without consent, except as legally required or for specified services, and adheres to strict privacy protection standards. Users have rights to manage their personal data, including access and deletion. Aklimate retains personal information in compliance with tax laws and its user agreement allows for the sharing of aggregated emissions data with third parties.

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