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Company Overview

AiSupervision, formerly known as AISuperVision, is based in Mannheim, BW, Germany. Operating in the Industrials sector, specifically within Manufacturing and Robotics, the company is supported by Y Combinator (YC W22). AiSupervision specializes in creating an operating system designed to track, manage, and improve production in factories. With a team of 13 employees, the company aims to bring labor-intensive factory environments into the future through the use of advanced artificial intelligence and real-time data.


AiSupervision offers a comprehensive platform that automates supervisory tasks in factories. This system includes features like terminals for tracking human work on the production floor, real-time data collection, and automated reporting. It also provides customizable notifications that help supervisors manage productivity and downtimes efficiently. Additional functionalities include filter, search, and export options for data management, as well as automated photo quality control using artificial intelligence.

Industry and Sub-Industry

AiSupervision operates within the Industrials sector, focusing specifically on Manufacturing and Robotics. The company is dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance production processes in factories. Its solutions aim to improve productivity and quality by offering real-time data and automation to replace traditional human supervisory roles.

Y Combinator Backing

AiSupervision was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2022 (YC W22) batch, which provides the company with critical early-stage support and resources. This backing by Y Combinator underscores the company's innovative approach and its potential for significant impact in the industrial automation space.

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